My lifelong passion!

My name is Lisa, and I was a pet dog owner for 14.5 years until my best friend, Cassie, passed away a few years ago (pictured here with me). I trained her from a puppy which really was my introduction to this industry. A few years ago I was drawn back into the pet industry again when I began dog sitting, first as a favour for friends, but it caught on and I became quite busy very quickly. It was exciting to have dogs back in my life again and knowing that pet parents trusted me with their loved ones while they were away on short or long trips. Since then, I have been trying to find ways to incorporate the passion I have always had for teaching, and the love of dogs into my life. This training business was the best way I knew how to make this passion a reality. There are many different approaches for training as well as various training equipment used to train pet dogs, and my focus is on using a humane training approach with the least intrusive/aversive intervention possible when creating a behaviour change program. My focus is to ensure progression is happening between dog and pet parent along the way rather than how quickly a lesson is learned. If you are looking to create a solid bond and long lasting relationship where you and your pet dog both understand each other's wants and needs, I’m the right person for the job. My passion is working with and teaching BOTH pet parents and dogs, and helping that relationship and bond grow stronger through facilitating a training program designed for you and your dog. I am always so excited to see the progression my customers are making and am so honored I am able to assist along the way using my knowledge and skills as an upcoming Certified Pet Dog Trainer.